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Unfortunately, many of us have experienced an Internet breach. On Tuesday, December 12th around 3 in the afternoon, an email was sent that appeared to be a purchase order and a “Docu Box” download from our dharkness@pacecompany account with “Purchase Order- 21189” in the subject line.  Please delete it!

Our IT group quickly identified the malware, isolated it and cleared it immediately. We have not seen further activity for the past 40 hours and will continue to be vigilant.

To be safe, we have decided to delay our monthly newsletter until Tuesday, December 19th. So, “Airlocks and Socks” will be our next and last e-letter of 2017. Expect it to safely arrive first thing in the morning.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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O ur complete and complimentary list of equipment helps us match the right equipment to your needs. View our Line Card →

W ith the most up-to-date technologies available, we can recommend systems that are reliable, flexible and progressive.

C onsistency and reliability in equipment performance help keep our customers’ “uptime” at an optimum level!

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pneumatic-conveying-systemsKeep the dust down!

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