Pneumatic and Mechanical Conveyor Systems

Conveying equipment and systems are the most commonly used type of equipment in the bulk material handling industry. Pace can help specify whether a mechanical or pneumatic conveyor is best suited for your product, its rate per hour and conveying distance. Our pneumatic options include the following: dense phase systems; pressure dilute systems; vacuum dilute systems; vacuum/pressure combinations; and Eco Phase Systems. Some systems can be a combination of transfer modes in push/pull or pull/push systems. We also offer a complete line of pneumatic conveying components. Our manufacturers have state-of-the-art test labs to determine the best way to convey your product.

We also have a complement of mechanical conveyors that include belts, buckets, and screw conveyors, as well as flexible screws, aero-mechanicals, and split tube units. Finishes on all conveyors are available in industrial, food, dairy, or pharmaceutical, or the specified finish needed for your product.

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Pneumatic Conveying

piFLOW® Conveyor

Bulk Bag Unloader

Industrial – piFLOW®i