NFPA Approved Suppression Systems to Protect People and Plants

A deflagration in an explosion requires four elements: fuel, oxygen, an ignition source and confined space.

What are you doing to protect your facility?

IEP/Hoerbiger offers three types of systems that are employed for explosion venting: venting, isolation, and suppression. Recent changes instituted by OSHA have clearly provided guidelines for planning for and preventing a catastrophic event.  This new directive addresses combustible dust and equipment covered including dust collection systems, mixers, blenders, pulverizers, mills, dryers, ovens, filters, pneumatic conveyors and screw conveyors.

IEP/Hoerbiger can help meet the testing and explosion protection requirements as directed by OSHA. Testing can be done on your product at their combustible material testing facility.

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Spherical Extinguishers

Piston Fire on Collectors

MEX 3 PLC Compatible Sensor

Dust Testing

Various Vents

PistonFire II™ Suppressor

Ventex Passive Isolation Valve

IsoFlap™ Passive Isolation Valve

EVN Flameless Vent