Blenders for Lab Use or Full Production

Product blending or mixing can be accomplished with either a ribbon or paddle agitator. Pace has 16 standard models available from 7-476 cubic feet, and custom models to over 1500 cubic feet. High-capacity blenders with low operational costs can provide the most homogenous blend possible. Pace can also provide ASME jacketed and vacuum mixers for cooling and drying.

Mixers can be built to food or dairy standard, and are of the highest quality, heavy-duty construction. Units can be designed for complete discharge and are easily cleanable. Complete systems are available with infeed devices, access platforms and controls.

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Ribbon Blender

Paddle Blender

Intensifying Blender

Lab Mixer

Heavy Duty Blender

Sanimix Mixer

Blending/Compounding Systems

Custom Duplex Mixer

Split Tube Screw Conveyor