Use Summer Wisely

July 13, 2020 By In News Comments Off on Use Summer Wisely

Using the “Pause” to your advantage. Summer projects…..things you can do to optimize production.

Current pauses may offer unique opportunities to tend to projects that have been on the shelf. If there is anything good regarding COVID-19, this is the time to take advantage of the that limited slowdown window.

Pace represents manufacturers with production facilities that operate with a fixed amount of fabrication capabilities.  As orders ebb and flow during normal construction times, windows of opportunity and flexibility are limited. A pause in the economy, such as we are experiencing now creates a window for possible shorter delivery time than during typical construction cycles.

So, while major projects may be on hold/delayed or even cancelled due to summer vacations, COVID-19, or financial uncertainty, manufacturing slots are available in this 3rd quarter to order overlooked maintenance items such as valves and screens.  With a typical lead of time of 4-6 weeks, you can see where I am heading. If the pause opportunity fits your facility’s need, there are expediting options as well. Our manufacturers remain fully staffed and ready to give your equipment details their full attention.  While you are examining your facility needs, consider pre-ordering for Fall delivery too.

Pace created a components and services flyer for our customers’ convenience! It can be accessed on our website here.  Other activities to consider during this pause time are tests for combustible dust, pneumatic conveying, grinding and screening. Specification development is another pause time activity to complete for larger projects and allow a smooth transition into Fall projects.

In summary, between Labor Day to December 23rd there are only 75 working days! The breakdown equates to 5 workdays a week and 15 weeks.  Keep in mind the order lead time to delivery. 1) What is the lead time for a specific piece of equipment? 2) How long is the typical approval process at your company?  3) What is the contingency time allowance?  4) How long is delivery time to the site?

Lead times for many of the process equipment that Pace sells is an average of 12 weeks.  Use Summer to get ahead of the “Fall swell!”  Consider using the pause moment to get in front of the production line that has fixed capacity. This pause offers a great window of opportunity!

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